Bold Extraordinary You (Buy Now)

In this life-changing book, Lee R. Jackson shares the blueprint that enabled him to overcome
a debilitating anxiety disorder.

Combining elements of spirituality, positive psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness, Lee's
techniques and strategies will transform and elevate your life to new levels of personal
development and growth.

Lee's philosophy is a profoundly powerful truth:

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your mindset.

It's time to unleash the real you.

The YOU that you were born to be - BOLD EXTRAORDINARY YOU.

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“Lee’s book is a work of art. It’s full of wonderful tips, not only for anxiety sufferers, but for anyone who is ready to bring more light and happiness into their life. I love the personal examples because people can easily relate to them, and also the suggested exercises all of us can do if we are willing to put in some work. Absolutely an amazing and inspiring read!”

~ Jana Prackova, author of Mystic Butterfly: A Guide to Your True Self


“This is a great book to help with anxiety and daily challenges. It is full of positivity and easy to use techniques and tools to guide you to live an extraordinary life. Lee’s experiences and wisdom will uplift and encourage you. What a gift!”

~ Sasha Westray, author of 72 Lessons to Rock Your Life: encouragement for your life and spirit