Overcoming Anxiety

Fear is a thief that steals joy from your life. I know this to be true,
because I allowed it to rob two years from me.

I don’t want that to happen to you. If you are suffering from crippling panic attacks
and social anxiety, I am here to help. You are not alone.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve lived through the pain and embarrassment of turning down
social invitations, because of fear. Daily panic attacks beat me into submission.
I was completely immersed, engulfed, and overwhelmed by anxiety. I was afraid
to leave the house, for days at a time. I had completely lost hope.
I thought that my anxiety disorder was a life sentence.

Mercifully, and miraculously, I discovered several techniques to overcome my anxiety.
These methods have served me well, for over 20 years. By accessing my subconscious mind,
through deep relaxation exercises, I was able to reprogram the negative thought patterns
that caused my panic attacks. The quality of my life improved dramatically when I improved
the quality of my mindset. I began to live the life that I was meant to live.

I would love to work with you, so you can start living the life that you are meant to live.

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Fear is not who you are.
You are so much more than you can ever imagine.
You were born for greatness.
Stop playing small, and claim your birthright.
The world needs you to be Bold.
The world needs you to be Extraordinary.
The world needs you to be YOU.

One Month Coaching Package:

 4 weekly – 90 minute telephone sessions (totaling 6 hours)
Supplemental emails
Unlimited text support

My transformational program combines elements of spirituality, neuroscience,
positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, and visualization.

The sessions and supplemental materials are personalized for your specific needs.

Your investment is $497


Click here to schedule a free consultation with
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