Gratitude is a Miracle Magnet

Early in my golf industry career, I had a coworker who loved to complain. I know you’re thinking that every work place has someone like that. Maybe so, but this guy took it to a whole new level. If complaining was an Olympic event, he’d be a world record holder. He’d be the Michael Phelps of complaining.

During that perod of time, the biggest song on the radio was by a rapper named Sir-Mix-Alot. So of course, our nickname for our habitually complaining coworker was Sir-Bitch-Alot. Easiest nickname designation ever. Abbreviated to S.B.A.

S.B.A. could ALWAYS find the bad in any situation. Here’s what a typical conversation with him sounded like:

Me – “Beautiful day, huh?”

S.B.A. – “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”

Me – “But man, it sure is gorgeous now!”

S.B.A. – “It won’t last.”

Yep, he actually refused to acknowledge and enjoy today’s weather, based on the forecast for tomorrow. That is some next level pessimism, right there.

His typical response to any suggestion or idea was, “nah, that won’t work.”

When I proudly showed him the tool room that I had just finished neatly organizing, his response was, “it’s just gonna get messy again in a few days.” Really, dude? Really?!?

I could fill a War and Peace sized book with examples of S.B.A. negativity, but I’ll just give you one more.

A golfer rewarded us for the beautiful condition of the golf course, by baking us some apple pies. As we dug into the pies, S.B.A. just couldn’t resist asking everyone why she didn’t give us ice cream to go with it. “Everyone knows apple pie is only good with ice cream.” We all just looked at each other and shook our heads.

All these years later, believe it or not, I actually consider S.B.A. to be one of the most important teachers that I’ve ever had. He showed me the value of making choices. In every situation in life, we can choose to see the negative or the positive. S.B.A. always chose the negative. No matter how good things were, he could always find something bad about it. As a result, his life was miserable.

Conversely, when we look for the positive in every situation, our lives become more positive. The best way to cultivate positivity is with the awesome power of gratitude.

When I tell people that I’m a coach, they usually ask me to give them one life changing piece of advice. My advice is always the same: Practice Gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude will change your life, immediately. The title of this post isn’t hyperbole. Your life will never be the same.

When you wake up in the morning, as soon as your eyes open, thank God for blessing you with another precious day of life. Before you check your phone, before you check emails, before you turn on the TV …