Less Media. More Moments.

What a time to be alive. We have access to the entire world, every time we turn on our phones.

Social media has allowed me to connect with wonderful people from nearly every continent, that I probably would never have met otherwise. These relationships have definitely added value to my life.

Social media, at its best, is a powerful force for good. It gives every person a voice. It has saved countless lives, by bringing people together in times of crisis.

Social media, at its worst, is a powerful force for evil. It allows horrible, broken people to spread misinformation and hatred, under a cloak of anonymity.

Social media also has the potential to become addictive. I know several people who spend so much time online, that they have become awkward in real life interactions. Shorter attention spans, poor eye contact, and rapidly deteriorating conversation skills, are becoming the new normal in their lives.

Our phones can create barriers between us and our loved ones, if we aren’t careful. I was visiting a friend recently, and I was shocked at the lack of attention that he gave his friends and family. He talked to everyone without looking up from his phone. His daughter desperately wanted his attention, but sadly, she never got it.

Life is a precious gift, and we need to prioritize the things that really matter.

We must always remember to use social media as a supplement to life, not as a substitute for life.

Make a conscious decision every day to spend less time in the virtual world, and more time in the real world.

Give your loved ones your undivided attention when they are speaking to you. Put down your phone. Show them the respect that they deserve.

Make a date with yourself every day. Unplug. Schedule an hour or two or three (whatever your soul requires) and spend time with nature, books and music.

Magical moments are only possible when we are fully present.

Start today.

Less distraction. More amazement.

Less artificial. More authentic.

Less virtual. More reality.

Less media. More moments.