Let’s Dance!


It was a typically uneventful Wednesday night at my local laundromat. As I folded my clothes, I made polite conversation with a very nice woman and her three-year old son, as I had on several previous Wednesdays.

However, what happened next, was anything but typical.

Katy Perry’s song, “California Gurls” began to play on the laundromat sound system.

The three-year old yelled, “Mom, hold my juice box! I love this song!” He then leaped off of his mother’s lap and danced like a miniature John Travolta.

Everyone in the laundromat stopped what they were doing to watch him joyfully bounce around, laughing and singing along with Katy Perry.

I marveled at his lack of self-consciousness. He was living in the moment. Fully enjoying the music was his one and only priority.

Four minutes later, everyone applauded his performance, as he climbed back on his mother’s lap to get his grape juice box. He smiled a satisfied smile. Then he loudly repeated the obvious: “I love that song!” Cutest. Thing. Ever.

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” -Vicki Baum

I have included dance as part of my morning ritual for several years. Along with meditation, gratitude journaling, inspirational reading, and traditional exercise.

People are always surprised to hear that I make it a priority to crank up some funky music and dance for at least five minutes every morning. But as a spiritual person, it makes perfect sense to me.

Dancing, along with laughter, is the purest way to express joy. When I move to the music, I am thanking my creator for the gift of life. I am thanking my creator for the gift of music.

“When I dance I cannot judge. I cannot hate. I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.” – Hans Bos

I highly recommend that you make the time EVERY day. It will improve you in EVERY way: mind, body and soul.

So don’t wait for a special occasion. Life is the occasion. Dance for the sheer joy of being alive.

And please, do me a favor and hold my juice box, because I love this song.